A. How to place an order?

You may follow the below steps for placing an order-

1.Select/View the desire item (if ready made can select the Size) which you are liking.

2.Add to Cart the selected/Viewed item.

3.May increase the Quantity and press update cart. (Example- if you select one saree but want this saree in 5 quantity, can use the + button for increasing the quantity, after increasing the quantity must press the “Update Cart”.

4.Need to Select country and Province then must press the “Apply “button.

5. Press “Checkout”

6.After “checkout” you must fill all the required details (full address with postal code/phone no./mail id) for ship the order product to your address. You have to select the Payment options which you may like.

7.Do payment the order product and get the payment confirmation mail to your mail id.

8.Press the “Order Confirmation” button.

9.Congratulation !! your order has been completed.

Once order has been completed will get a acknowledge mail for your order confirmation.