Interesting Facts About Uppada Silk Sarees

India women look their best in a saree. Well, this is the view that the entire world shares regardless of the introduction of varieties of garments today. Just any saree will not do for a true Indian at heart though. Uppada silk sarees have charmed its wearers for decades with the beautiful craftsmanship being admired by young and old alike. Sure, this particular variety of saree has little recognition but the spectacular play of colours and weave is fantastic that leaves the viewer spellbound.

It is time to check out the great heritage of sarees popular in specific regions of India. The materials and designs change often with Southern India being seen as the cradle of silk sarees. Exported all over the globe, the ‎Uppada silk printed sarees have gone through the same path traversing from cotton to silk and then the exquisite cotton-silk that imbibes the plus points of both fabrics assimilating them within.

You will be excited to know that Uppadapattu sarees were first created in a lonely town of Uppada located in the Southern State of Andhra Pradesh. The weavers make use of both cotton and silk and occasionally combine the two most adroitly. Exceedingly light and easy to wear, each saree takes about 10 days to a month to be woven totally. What’s more you will find that the sarees have earned their own G.I. tag with Uppada saree being lauded for its high quality and perfect weaving. No craftsman trying to duplicate the weave or design will be able to pass it off as a genuine Uppada saree.

It comes as no surprise to find the weavers working with the finest Bangalore silk in order to create the magnificent Uppada silk sarees. The entire family remains engrossed in weaving a saree, often spending hours on perfecting the design. The next generation comprising of young people are expected to follow the footsteps of their parents too. Sure, a few of them pursue other professions but a majority of people residing in the small town are satisfied to continue with saree weaving.

Exporters are often seen visiting these humble households in an endeavour to buy the sarees right from the source. The sarees find their way into big showrooms of Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai and hence go to other parts of India as well as the world. The workers gain a modest profit but are not too dejected by it either. Most of them love the art of weaving too much to squabble over a few rupees. They are contented to earn a decent living and have no complaints.

It is amazing to learn about two distinct cultures unite in the Uppada saree. The weaves use the age old Jamdani technique that originated in Persia and was popularized across India by the craftsmen of Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh. It had lost its appeal post partition of India but revived by the weavers of Uppada in 1988.

Do not wait too long to find the right saree for the best ones are always sold out instantly. You are welcome to try Uppadapattu sarees online shopping and drape yourself in a soft saree that gives a luxurious feel.

Get The Best Traditional Saree’s Online

The best traditional sarees are available at top saree making centres in India. Benaras is one of the top sites and is famous the world over. Vishwanath chowk and Chowk are the best places in Benaras to look for the top sarees. The pallu is distinctive with embroidery in silk, gold, and silver zari. This is the choice of wedding sari for most Indian women.

Best Traditional Saree

The Kanjivaram Saree

You get a wide range of choices when you go new model sarees online shopping because India is the land of sarees. Most of the Indians have silk sarees because they are comfortable and come in so many lovely colors. The second famous place to buy the saree is Kanjivaram (or Kancheepuram). These sarees have motifs of sun, chariot, animals, birds, and mango woven into the border. You get these sarees in cotton, silk, and synthetic material.

Patola sarees

Patola sarees the symbol of aristocracy and royalty are double ikkat woven saree. They are made of silk. The saree has intricate designs and it is specific to Gujrat. These are highly priced sarees, so if you are going to attend a special functional you can opt to buy Patola sarees. Velvet patola sarees are among the most expensive ones. However, to get hold of your piece of Patola there is no need to head to Gujrat. There are ample options online from where you can get something of your choice.

Wide range of sarees

Go through the best saree collection online shopping at the top saree site and get bridal sarees, designer party wear sarees, fancy silk sarees, and much more. Surely the best sarees are available from Mysore. This place produces 70% of India’s mulberry silk so you get a wide range of silk sarees in various colors and textures. If you go to Mysore, you will find a selection of Kanjivaram, Pochampalli, and Banarasi silk sarees in addition to Mysore silk sarees.

Origin of the sari

We can trace the origins of the sari back to the Indus Valley Civilization 2700-1250 B.C. in India. For making the first sarees, they used dyes such as turmeric, indigo, red madder, and lac. Most of these are in use even today. There are in excess of 80 styles of draping the sari with the common method to drape it around the waist and put the other end over the shoulder. This leaves the midriff bare. You can drape the hanging end over either shoulder and this gives rise to many different styles.

Nivi saree wearing style

The Nivi style is used in Andhra Pradesh where the pleats are passed through the legs and tucked into the waist at the back. This gives a distinctive design while covering the legs and showing off the sari in a good way. Bengali and Oriya saree wearing is without pleats. The saree is wrapped in an anti-clockwise fashion. The loose end is longer and goes around the body and over the left shoulder. Madisar style of wearing sarees is specific to the Brahmin ladies of Tamilnadu. Traditionally, they wear a 9 yards saree.

Some Modern Looks That Are Making Kurtis a Favorite Again

The women of today want a little more than just traditional. A new neckline, a different hemline, an interesting body, go a long way in making old and traditional outfits look new and exciting. That’s how designers who fashioned yesterday’s salwars are approaching the kurtis of today. Kurtis were an instant hit among Indian women when it was launched as an alternative to salwar. Now a thing in Western countries too, kurties have taken on a life of its own since the past few years. Working women’s salwar, Kurtis are a much smarter and agreeable version of the former. It is the outfit that India is wearing today. Kurtis for women that are sold at boutiques and ready-made salwar kameez online stores are so much cooler than salwar suits, and yet dressy and feminine.

ready-made salwar kameez online

Vintage Printed

Remember that time gingham came back in fashion? Or the hoops? In Indian fashions cape, it’s the year of vintage prints. Log on to any latest kurta and latest designer sarees online shopping site and you will see vintage prints everywhere. These prints are making kurtis fancy again. If you are tired of wearing the same printed and solid ones to work, then these vintage printed ones will be a breath of fresh air. Patterned with a variety of designs that both bear a nostalgic beauty as well as a touch of high fashion, vintage kurtis are what you need this summer to stay in fashion and look fab.

Kaftan Style

Have you been wanting something more out of your kurtis? Leave the mix and match experiment behind and check out a new line of kurtis that has landed in the market. Discount sarees online shopping sellers are marketing them as kaftan style kurtis. These are long, often reaching way below the knees and are draped with a see-through overlay tailored to look like a kaftan. With a solid underlay outlining the body contour and a sheer gauzy overlay designed with kaftani patterns all over, these kurtis are a spectacular addition to any wardrobe. Designed in a variety of style and colors, the kaftan style kurtis are going to be in fashion this whole year long and after. The fanciest bit about these kurtis is the kaftan-like overlay that is stitched at the arm and left uncut on the sides. That leaves two delicate strips of fabric flapping on the side giving the dress a nice design on the sides.

Extra Long

If you don’t mind a little extra, then extra-long kurtis are definitely a thing to check out. Coming till the ankles, these kurtis are a perfect pick for evening parties, dinner dates and social occasions where you want to stand out without going over the top on dressing. Normally extra-long kurtis sold at new design sarees online shopping sites have wide skirts that form pleats and folds giving the kurta more form than others. But there are also those that come with a-line cuts. The extra-long ones also pass as dresses, depending on the design and cut.

Kanjivaram Silk: The Soul of Indian Festive Fashion

Kanjeevaram, also known as Kanchipuram is the pride of Tamil Nadu. One of the many things that the rest of the country thanks the southerners for, Kanjeevaram silk is rich, lustrous and gorgeous. The silk, a go-to for women when dressing festively, it is coveted for its luxuriant feel and look. The kanjivaram silk is a thick fabric exhibiting intense colors, woven with yarns of gold and silver. In kanjivaram online designer sarees collection, the bold colors coming together with silver and gold overtones in its glossy fabric is a sight few can turn from. The silk is loved for its extremely fine quality. Thanks to that, a Kanjeevaram saree lasts many lifetimes and is normally one of the few sarees that are handed down through generations.

The Backstory

Although the birthplace of Kanjivaram silk is in South India, its precise cradle was the Hindu mythology. The story goes like this that the weavers of Kanchipuram silk are originally the descendants of Markanda, a sage who himself a master weaver who wove clothes for the Gods. Records suggest that the Kanjivram saree dates back to some 400 years. In a small town by the name of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, weavers first made this saree during the yoke of the Vijayanagara Empire. The then King Krishna Devaraya became a patron and the art instantly took off.

Soon weavers from the weaving communities of Saligars and Devangas who were famous for their skills migrated to the small town of Kanchipuram to take on the craft. Early on, the fabric bore images of religious figurines and scriptures that were locally seen. But soon, fashion evolved and the adornments took on a different look, especially in new model sarees online shopping. It wasn’t long before the saree became a staple in wardrobes across south India and outside. Kanjivaram since then is a traditional wear in festivals in India.

Ways to Clad a Kanjivaram

Today, a saree can be worn in many different ways, and a saree like Kanjeevaram makes the options even more numerous. You can wear a Kanjeevaram silk which is common in online designer saree shopping sites in all the ways a saree can be draped, but because it is a gorgeous silk saree that has a festive touch to it, it looks best when clad in a select few ways.

  • One way to wear it, which is the most traditional style, is to drape it around the waist and form folds at the front letting the extra fabric hang at the back. While that is the most common style, with Kanjeevaram, that style rises to a level of extraordinary.
  • If you are not into common styles, then one very fancy way to do it is sling the extra fabric or aanchal over the shoulder so that it falls at the front. Tuck the fabric with a waist band or pins to keep the pleats in place.
  • A third way of wearing a Kanjeevaram silk which is growing more and more popular among ladies across the country and has its origin in the ramp is a traditional style with a twist. In this style, the aanchal is much longer than normal and hangs loosely at the base before falling over the shoulder.

Designer Gowns That Are Excellent Picks for Weddings

Indo-western gowns dominated the trends last year and the years before that, but 2019 brings with it a wave of change in fashion, and that is changing things in the gowns section too in ready-made salwar kameez online stores. The fusion style, though not fully out of the picture has been marginalized by a new range of gowns that is turning heads and dropping jaws everywhere. Redefining ethnic fashion, these gowns are taking style to a whole new level in the Indian scene. They are fully ethnic in style, elaborate and gorgeous and the perfect pick for weddings and after-parties.

Here are some examples of designer gowns that are making weddings fun and fancy to attend this season.

Mesh Embroidery at Its Best

If you are looking to buy suits online India that are elegant and ornate, then go no further. Laying eyes on this dress once is enough for you. You would not want to look at any other dress. Stitched to perfection with a contouring bodice and a flaring skirt, the catchiest part of this dress is its overall embroidery work that runs all over the body. What’s stunning however, is that the thread work is done not on the fabric of the dress, but on a net that forms the overlay. Draped with a richly embroidered net, the dress is an exquisite pick not just for someone going to a wedding party, but even for brides in after-wedding scenes. The dress is fashioned with an egg-shell white mesh veneer with a cream-colored underlay that enhances the fabric work and make the details pop.

Silk Psychedelia with a Dash of Kundan

If silk is more your style, then this one from one of the best saree collection online shopping sites is downright gorgeous and an easy favorite. Unlike the first which is all about subtlety and elegance, this one is a perfect example of a glamorous ethnic gown. With long sleeves and high neck, this one features a formfitting bodice that reaches till the under-bust before it plunges towards the ground in luxuriant folds and flares. The bodice is all back with glossy copper fabrics lining the sleeve ends and the band in the middle. The skirt is a gorgeous indigo mixed with gold and green and yellow and blue. The collars again reflect the enchanting Indian indigo of the skirt. To spruce things up further, the designers have decorated the sleeves and the front with kundan and zaari that form a shimmering motif on top.

The Magic Called Pink and Gold A mix of feminine beauty and innocence, this gown is a showstopper at weddings, even those that are not your own. Sleeveless with a loose-fitting body and a wide skirt like a Punjabi salwar suit design, this dress is just as lovely as a dress can be. Stitched with delicate pink fabric, this one features a beautiful nexus of embroidery work that appears here and there making golden pops against the demure blush background. Its long train that trails a little behind is aglow with a dash of gold glitters that alit the hemline.

Get the finest celebrity inspired sarees from online stores in India

Sarees are by far the most important garment that is worn by women in India on a day to day basis. Versatile and elegant, sarees can make a woman look gorgeous and also traditional at the same time. This ethnic wear has its roots in the history and culture of Indian civilization and has gradually evolved over the years to reach its present state. The unique thing about sarees is that they come in all kinds of designs and looks. The various states and regions of India all have their unique pattern of sarees which serve as an expression of the local culture and heritage. This means that no matter what your design preferences might be, you can definitely find the product you are looking for by looking through the best online designer saree shopping sites.

As a modern woman who puts great emphasis on style and functionality, it is quite natural that you would want sarees that help you to stand out in a crowd. Celebrity inspired sarees are extremely popular these days as they are brilliant to look at and appear extremely stylish. Whether you are looking to go to a wedding or an office party, you can be sure of the fact that you are going to look awesome with these sarees. Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Vidya Balan and Deepika Padukone look absolutely fabulous in sarees. By choosing to visit a new model sarees online shopping store, you can also get celebrity inspired sarees that are extremely gorgeous. 

The truth is that most women in India idolize the actresses in our country who look absolutely stunning in differently colored sarees that feature specific cuts and embellishments. Most of these sarees are designed by reputable fashion designers who use their signature creativity to come up with sarees that are totally one of a kind. The celebrities wear them in various red carpet events and movie premiers to make a strong fashion statement. However, it can be rather difficult for a regular woman to buy such sarees without splurging in a major way. For that reason, it is always a good idea to opt for latest designer sarees online shopping as there are numerous leading ecommerce stores that offer them at much affordable prices. This can really make it easier for women of today to buy these celebrity inspired sarees and enhance their style quotient.    

So once you have decided that you are going to go for designer silk sarees online shopping, make sure that you select a reliable source to get them. While online shopping has really progressed in the recent times, not every store can offer you products that you can really be proud of. A leading store offering designer sarees online India can present you with products that are really great. These stores really value the needs of their customers and therefore are able to offer high end celebrity sarees at the best prices. You can also find a great collection of sarees in such stores.